What do YOU want to see?

As my blog is starting to get a little more traffic, I want to make sure that I’m posting things that you guys want to see. This being said, the below options are some categories as to what I would be willing to post in the near future. If you have a preference, please take the time to comment below which categories you would most like to see more of on my blog! Thank you!

1. Life messages (called “Realizations” on my blog!)

2. Book Reviews

3. Poems that I like

4. Fashion (Like OOTDs, I have not done this category yet)

5. Updates on my personal life (“Mi Vida”)

6. Other hobbies of mine (this can be a surprise)

If you have any other ideas, please let me know!


4 thoughts on “What do YOU want to see?

  1. All of these categories are wonderful, but it’s especially nice to have some personal stuff thrown in because everyone can relate to that. Thanks for asking us what we’d like to see!

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  2. All of theses categories are really good, add a personal touch to them and they will turn out great:)
    Fashion is one of my favourite so I’ll be back to read some more!

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