Past January Firsts

As today is January 1st, I thought that it might be a little interesting to see how I decided to spend  the past couple of years celebrating the first day of a new year through the reading of previous journal and planner entries. Although some of these are pretty fitting for the day and can … More Past January Firsts

Past July 18ths

If you have read one of my previous blogposts entitled “Past June 8th,” then you would know or maybe vaguely remember what I do in these “Past” blogposts. If you’re unfamiliar, then let me give the little spiel. Basically, I’ve been recording my life for as long as I can remember. I have been writing … More Past July 18ths

Past June 8ths

Today I want to try something new. This may be more interesting for me than for you, but as today is June 8, 2015, I’m going to revisit some of my past June 8ths. I tend to write down and keep track of everything, I have been doing this since a pretty young age, so … More Past June 8ths