Drawing Hazy Lines

As promised: another blog post! Life has been pretty chaotic the past couple of months. School has started and doesn’t seem like it’ll stop anytime soon, I’m busy with work and volunteering, I applied for a really cool opportunity that I may touch on in a later post (if I get in…), I have piles … More Drawing Hazy Lines

His Feather

“A feather is a delicate thing when removed from a bird yet it carries the bird anywhere in the world.” -Sudanese proverb For a couple of months now, I have been volunteering at a place called Global Gifts (Check out the website: http://www.globalgiftsft.com/ !) This is a nonprofit shop that sells fair trade, artisan goods from underdeveloped … More His Feather

A Writer of Fiction

“As a writer of fiction you are at constant pains not simply to say what you mean, but to mean than what you say.” -Janet Burroway Today I’m finally going to get around to writing about my favorite class. For the first time ever, I’m taking a class about writing – the thing I love. … More A Writer of Fiction

September 29, 2015

Hello, daily dosers! For this blog post, I want to write to you all about today. Today has been a slight flood of emotions. I woke up today more tired than average and I think that’s probably how it’s going to end. Unfortunately, I had an exam today in what I would probably classify my … More September 29, 2015

Childlike View

I feel like some things are only really real when you see them for the first time. They’re still there the second time and the time after that, maybe even before no time at all, but they’re especially real the first time. The first time I held a brain (don’t worry, I had gloves on!) … More Childlike View

The Grove

Hello, daily dosers! A few weeks ago, I attended a creative writing club. It was supposed to be inside, but “unfortunately” the leaders of the club forgot their keys to get into the classroom. I was secretly happy, as it was a beautiful day outside and, frankly, I spend way too much time indoors for … More The Grove