My Occupation of Time for the Upcoming Semester

Hey, daily dosers! I apologize for the lack of posts recently – I just had my orientation for college! So, I thought you all might enjoy to know exactly which classes will be consuming my time next year… 1. Introduction to Psychology I am super excited for this class as I love psychology. However, I never really … More My Occupation of Time for the Upcoming Semester

My Other Loves

Hello, daily dosers! I suppose this post is going to be a little personal and slightly different as I’m not going to talk about “realizations” or writing. Since this is a blog, I tend to discuss a lot about those two things. However, there is more to me, you, and life than just these things. So, I’m … More My Other Loves

The Portal to Escape

In today’s daily dose, I’m going to discuss the amazing-ness of bookshelves and why I will never stop building mine (I refuse to give into reading my novels of choice electronically, it’s just not the same). Bookshelves hold so many stories: This one may be obvious, but bookshelves hold more stories than they do in … More The Portal to Escape