The Acceptance of Imperfection

“If I waited for perfection, I would never write.”

Margaret Atwood

Sometimes you need a break. Last year, I took my first creative writing class. It seemed enchanting to have a class all about reading good literature and trying to write your own. However, as the semester went on, I started to get tired. I still loved writing, but I hated the process that came afterward. I didn’t like handing in a writing assignment and not getting the feedback I had hoped for.

At the end of the semester, we had a larger writing assignment (a short story somewhere between the length of 10-15 pages) and I was so excited to get down on paper this idea that I had had for a while for a story. However, the feedback was pretty devastating. I had to change a lot of aspects of my story to fit what other people thought was “better.” I ended up changing it to a story I didn’t really like from one that I did. For me, this was really discouraging.

Am I even a good writer? Is this something I could really see myself doing in the future?

These were some of the questions floating around in my mind and, mingling with the frustration that I had for these experiences, it made me dislike writing and the process behind it. So I needed a break for a while. However, as these experiences distance themselves from me, I remember the relief that writing provides for me. So this blog post is to say that I’m back! At least for a while. I have missed writing and sharing my thoughts and feelings to an audience. To new beginnings.


Photo credit: my friend Bernadette



10 thoughts on “The Acceptance of Imperfection

  1. A few years when I took my first professional writing class, this was exactly how I felt. Why constructive criticism is good, don’t let too much opinion derail you from writing in a way that is uniquely you. If I (you) waited for perfection, I (you) would never write! 😁 This spoke to me.


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