A Void Occupied with Jane Austen

An absence from any real responsibility has lead to an obsession with the work of Jane Austen. A few years back, I read the beloved Pride and Prejudice and swooned over Mr. Darcy and his desirous characteristics. And, if I may recommend, I highly advise you to watch the most recent movie of this book as it will not disappoint.

Within the first week of my lengthy winter break, I settled on starting a book. During my first semester of college, one of the things I missed the most was reading; I so much wished to take a break from the pressure and business of school and work to partake in someone else’s journey. And I did, to an extent. I started to read A Clockwork Orange, by Anthony Burgess, but within starting it, I could tell it wasn’t my type of book. So I decided to pick up a different type at the beginning of break, and remembering how I so loved Pride and Prejudice, I started to read Sense and Sensibility, also by Jane Austen.

This was certainly not a mistake. It has the easy reading that Pride and Prejudice has, but also contains a harder prediction of the future of the characters in the novel. For the longest time, I couldn’t figure out who would end up with the Miss Dashwoods or if I even thought anyone was fit for them. This was certainly different from Pride and Prejudice.

After my journey with Sense and Sensibility, I decided to start yet another Jane Austen novel, Northanger Abbey. I absolutely adored this book from cover to cover. Similar to Mr. Darcy for me, I found myself awaiting the presence of Mr. Tilney and loving the book that much more when he was in it. I also loved the sense of mystery and suspense in it that the other Jane Austen novels don’t necessarily have. It was certainly a fun read.

I have become so much devoured by the works of Jane Austen that I have even found myself starting to write and talk like her writing. In order to fix this slight obsession, I have agreed upon reading some other novels for the duration of my break. At the top of my “To-Read” list contains the remains of A Clockwork Orange and the entirety of Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier, which I am particularly excited about.

In the absence of any real responsibility, I suppose some wonderful and strange things can happen to its place. I can only wish the same for yours!


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