September 29, 2015

Hello, daily dosers! For this blog post, I want to write to you all about today.

Today has been a slight flood of emotions. I woke up today more tired than average and I think that’s probably how it’s going to end. Unfortunately, I had an exam today in what I would probably classify my most important class, both for personal and academic reasons. Let me tell you, I knew the information. I could recite to you every structure of the brain and every structure in that structure and all of their functions. I mean the class is entitled “Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience,” right? So you would think  that’s what the exam would be about.

Not quite.

This exam contained far too many obscure questions for anyone’s liking. I got asked about the tiniest details and the teeniest subjects covered in class. As you can imagine, I left that class very discouraged. However, I do have to clarify: I did not fail. I don’t know what grade I received, but there were a lot of relevant questions on the exam that I knew the answers to (I hope). There were just more questions I didn’t know the answers to than I had anticipated.

Although the rest of the day didn’t quite parallel the first hour of it, it still didn’t lived up to its expectations. Tuesdays are supposed to be my favorite days, and as silly as that sounds, Tuesdays are the days when I have the least amount of obligations. I look forward to Tuesdays.

However, it has been raining all day and I somehow missed the grand opportunity of wearing my new rain boots that I have been far too excited about for far too long. I think I thought I would save them for another day, but maybe they would have been good to wear today. Probably.

I guess today’s bad day just leaves a higher chance for tomorrow’s better day, or at least I hope so. That’s kind of how it works, right?


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