The Grove

Hello, daily dosers!

A few weeks ago, I attended a creative writing club. It was supposed to be inside, but “unfortunately” the leaders of the club forgot their keys to get into the classroom. I was secretly happy, as it was a beautiful day outside and, frankly, I spend way too much time indoors for someone who claims to love the outdoors. Which I do, very much.

During this meeting, which was what will hopefully be the first of many, we all gathered in a circle outside. With the grass beneath us and the heat of the sun just starting to die down, we were told to embrace 45 minutes to soak in the summer air and write. Write about anything. And, in that moment, I made a mental note to remember how I felt and how everything looked and how all the people wrote because I wanted to write about it in this post.

It was a completely foreign and spectacular feeling to be surrounded by people who all loved what I did do. I’ve always thought I was one of few, so it really felt different to be surrounded by so many people. And we all had different majors and all looked different, but when they told us to write, we did. Some pulled out our laptops and others pulled out a notepad and paper, the guy next to me even used everything under my name; he didn’t realize that we would be writing that day and had asked me for paper and a pencil. I really liked him because he seemed like the quiet type with lots of words in his head.

More than writing, I just wanted to look at everyone. It was amazing to me that we all were making up our own little worlds in our heads at the same place and time. When the sky started to turn different colors, it was beautiful. People walking by stopped and looked at us and sent little whispers to their neighbors because they didn’t know what was going on. But I did, and I was a part of it. It prompted me to start on a story I’ve been waiting a little while to start. That day has been one of my favorite days at college so far.

I hope they forget their keys a little more often.


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