They’re My Dreams

Hello, daily dosers! Today’s Blogging 101 assignment is to use someone else’s post as inspiration. Luckily for me, I found a blog that I love with a post that I love even more. And it’s about not giving up on your dreams, even if you’re scared.

And this is always a great topic because it’s always true. No matter where you are in life, you should have dreams. Something to strive for, even if it’s just to get you out of bed everyday. Being somewhat of a dreamer, I have a lot of dreams and a lot of high hopes; I make plans about how amazing I’m going to do in college and about how, someday, someone really great is going to notice me. So, to follow my dreams and aspirations, I applied to something. I thought I would get it, but I didn’t. And this can really shoot a person down. I started to rethink my whole plan and what I’m actually good at and life in general.


I have realized that, if my dreams are really dreams, I should follow them no matter what. Maybe I’ll have to work a little harder or a little longer and that’s okay – they’re my dreams. So I’m going to follow them. And although it gives me so much fear that things aren’t going to go as planned, it gives me so much more motivation. I’m excited to see what’s ahead.

And, don’t forget to check out the post that originally inspired me:


5 thoughts on “They’re My Dreams

  1. Day is made!! Thank you, girl. This is awesome. I love your perspective of being fearless and working hard for your dreams. Wonderful blog, I look forward to catching up on all your posts 🙂

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  2. Hey! I saw a comment someone (else) made about trying to get noticed, and the reply to her was to “get all over the hashtags”. Are you posting links to your blog/photos on IG using tons of hashtags? It sounds like that is the way to get more people to see you! #goodluck! 😉

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