Past July 18ths

If you have read one of my previous blogposts entitled “Past June 8th,” then you would know or maybe vaguely remember what I do in these “Past” blogposts. If you’re unfamiliar, then let me give the little spiel.

Basically, I’ve been recording my life for as long as I can remember. I have been writing in journals and planners – name it I have written in it. And I have been recording. Although a lot of my writings might not have dates on them, there are also a lot that do. So, what I do in these posts is I gather all of them together from a specific date (in this case, July 18th) for both you and I to enjoy.

July 18, 2011: (8th grade)


July 18, 2012: (Freshman year)


July 18, 2013: (Sophomore year)


I have seriously unbelievable amounts of homework to do. Like it’s literally insanity. I’m so stressed out just thinking about it honestly. Why does this always happen? Stupid procrastination. I’m staring at seven books that need to be read right now and they’re  painfully staring back. Cloud Atlas and One Man’s Meat are the most insane though. When I saw them, my mouth actually dropped.

Anyways, I went to a teammate’s pool yesterday after practice. It’s times like those that make me loathe being shy. I barely talked and it was depressing. I want to get close to me team…because they’re my team…but I’m too shy to really know them. Oh well, maybe things will get better soon.

My dad ordered a new phone for me! I’m so excited. It’s the Samsung Galaxy S4 and I can’t wait to get it. My dad might now give it to me right away though which kind of sucks considering I’ve been phone-less this whole summer.

July 18, 2014: (Junior Year)


In Colorado

After a long, long drive (around 15 hours the first day and 7 the next) I finally arrived in Colorado. It’s breathtaking here (literally, hah) and our cabin is so cute. It’s actually pretty big. It’s three bedrooms, two baths, and contains a huge living room and kitchen, has a laundry room, and the second floor even has a little balcony. The thing about the bedrooms is that they each have two beds. Joseph and I are sharing the largest bedroom, and then Doug and my dad each have their own.

One thing that I don’t know if I despise or admire is the fact that there is no service or Internet connection anywhere. So…I can’t communicate with anyone. My phone is now just a camera. Again, I’m not sure if I love or hate this…maybe a little bit of both.


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