Welcome to My Planner

Hello, daily dosers! Today is a fun post for me to make because it’s about organization – something I love to do in certain part of my lives (but, in general, I’m actually I pretty messy person). So, to really and truly show you guys how I stay organized, I’m going to introduce you all to my planner:


First off, I got this planner at Target. I was specifically looking for a planner that had two separate columns for each day. Since I’m going to college this year, I wanted a column where I could write down my schedule for that day (work, classes…) and another column focused on tasks I need/want to get done that day. It took me a while to find a reasonably priced planner designed like this, but I finally did! Target is a lifesaver.


Here is a blank spread for a typical week:

2015-07-17 01.47.15

As you can see, in the top left corner of the weekly spread, there are three boxes titled “THIS WEEK’S TOP THREE.” For this section, I have been writing my top three goals for the week.

Now, here is a finished spread of last week:


As you can tell, they’re quite different; I fill my planner up quite a bit because I write down everything I do. If I play guitar, I write “play guitar” and put a checkmark in the box. I really do keep track of everything.

20150717_014357-1This picture is of this current week. So, for today, under “Saturday” (sorry the picture is kind of hard to see), I will write “blogpost” and put a checkmark next to it since I have accomplished it.

One thing you might (probably) have noticed about my planner is that it’s color coordinated. So, in case you are curious about the colors, I’m going to make a list as to what, exactly, each color means.

Blue: social activity

Yellow: work/volunteer

Orange: test/quiz/exam

Green: physical activity (running, biking…)

Pink: Due date (for example, my blogging application was due on Friday, so I wrote down “blogging application due” and highlighted it in pink).

Okay, so now that I’ve been through all the colors, there are some real detail oriented things that I do. For example, on the left column of everyday, there is no title. I decided to use this column as a schedule for my day, but only for things that are more so “set in stone” such as work and classes. Since I’m not in school at the moment, there are no classes listed. But, in the upcoming months, I plan on writing down all the classes I have that day and at what times. However, this only covers up a few lines of this left column, so I also decided to make a dotted line, which you can see in my second picture of a nearly finished spread, and write tests and/or things that are due under it. This is so I don’t have to write them in the “To-Do” column, since that column is always crowded.

Also, as you can see in the picture of my first finished spread, there’s a little green sticky note on the right page. I added this sticky note, and on it, I write down approximately how many hours I worked that week.

I know this was a lot to read and take in (let’s be honest, you probably didn’t read all of it), but if you all would like to hear more about my organizational methods or about my planner, please let me know! I know it seems a little silly to write every little thing down, but I honestly enjoy it; it’s somewhat therapeutic for me!


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