I don’t know about all of you, but I have the tendency to have some pretty strange dreams and remember them. Last night was no exception. However, what was exceptional was the duration and intensity of it. So, I am going to tell you guys a little (or a lot) about my dream that I had last night.

The dream started out relatively normal. It took place at my old house (where a lot of my dreams tend to take place, especially the scary ones) and my family and I kept trudging back and forth from the basement to the kitchen to retrieve things. However, eventually it got to the point where I wanted something from the basement and the rest of my family reacted with annoyance, sending me on my own into the depths of the scary basement. Ever since I was younger and first moved into the house, I have always thought of this basement as exceptionally creepy.

Once I was down in the basement, I saw a boy, somewhat ghost like, crouched on the floor. He looked really angry and was dressed in some sort of combination of blue and white with a touch of blonde in his hair. Trust me, it was extremely creepy. In reaction to this, I started to yell “help” at the top of lungs to get attention from my family. This only lasted so long, however, because I became so terrified that I could feel my skin turn a pasty white and my voice go numb.

Once upstairs, these ghost like figures, called “Givers” in my dream (I have no idea why), started to come after myself and my family. There were two Givers for each member of my family that was particularly preoccupied with just us. For my Givers, I had the actress who plays “Nellie” on The Office, the one with red curly hair. Furthermore, I had one of the players in the Big Brother house of this season, Alex. However, instead of his long blonde hair, it was cut shorter for my dream. I should also give a proper description of these Givers in general; they were sort of dressed as Grim Reepers. They wore the big black capes and the giant scythe which accompanied their hands.

After being chased for some time throughout my house, I managed to escape. Up close and personal with my Givers, I realized that they didn’t, in fact, want to kill me. Rather, I had the inclination to hug them and tell them that I loved them. They followed suit, hugging me and telling me they loved me. This was especially intimate with Alex, who I guess really loved me, and as he realized this, told it to me. After this reassurance that my Givers weren’t going to try and slash me with their scythes, the sort of headmaster Giver saw what just occurred and acted accordingly. He started to approach my Givers to end their lives instead of them ending mine, as they had been disobedient. During this time, I hurried along with my brother to run and escape what would inevitably happen – death.

As you can tell, this dream was quite intense. However, I like it because I think it gives me a sense of creativity. I like that these ghostly creatures were called “Givers” and I like even more so that I created this name subconsciously for them while asleep. It is a little bit ironic that their names were Givers, however, as they definitely intended to do more taking than giving. None the less, the dream was very creepy and scary (especially the basement part), but looking back on it, it’s quite entertaining. I hope you guys think so as well!


2 thoughts on “Givers

  1. OMG, that is super scary! I can’t imagine having a dream that scarily vivid. It is totally fascinating that you had named your “givers” – I wonder what that stems from? I always like to analyze my dreams, figuring they in some way represent actual things that are happening in my waking life. The mind is amazing, isn’t it??

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