Needing to Nap

“But the important thing is to lie down and fall asleep. That little nap means you wake up fresh again and can continue.” -James Levine

Today I am going to dedicate this blogpost to attempt to explain the nature of people like myself, people who are introverted and shy and possess the inability to handle social events anytime and anywhere.

If you’re anything like me, it can be hard. People don’t understand. They don’t understand why you would rather relax at home with a book in your hand than somewhere with them. And, for my friends who have experienced this with me (which is probably a good 90% of you), it’s not that I hate you or don’t want to see you or don’t like spending time with you. You didn’t do anything wrong. There are just some people who it takes more energy to be around, maybe if I don’t know you as well or you, yourself, have a lot of energy.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to explain it. It’s like needing to take a nap. Sometimes it’s like really needing to take one…it just depends on the situation. If you’re super tired and have all the resources and time to get some shut eye, wouldn’t you take that opportunity? Because I know I would and I have. Plenty of times. Think of this as needing alone time or even being with other people where you don’t have to spend all that energy trying to impress someone new or keep up with their eccentric personality. I mean, you can try and stay up for a little bit longer, but at the end of the day, you need a nap.

What I’m trying to say is that I, and other people like myself, just need some time to recuperate sometimes. We need some time to nap (both literally and figuratively). Social interactions can sometimes be exhausting, and it’s not your fault! But it’s also not ours. We can’t always help the way we feel and I think everyone can relate to that on some sort of level.  We’re all prone to feeling certain ways after specific events. Maybe you’re extremely happy after getting a higher than expected grade in your least favorite class, and you’re happy. You can’t help that you feel happy, you just do. So, if you can’t relate or understand anything else in this post, just try and understand that, for us, social interactions cause us to feel exhausted, and when that happens, we just need to nap.


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