Problematic Advantages

Today I was looking around my room for inspiration. Then, as I looked around my chronically too-messy room, I realized that is precisely what this post will be about. Maybe a little more.

If you don’t know me or have never been inside my room, it’s usually always a mess. I tend to have my yoga mat spread out across my room for no other reason than I lack the motivation to pick it up. I have far more papers, books, journals…than anyone should ever need. Everywhere. I have everything everywhere, but believe it or not, everything does have a “home.” Everything just isn’t normally there. What comes across as even more surprising is that I actually like cleaning my room. I love picking up adorned items while listening to soothing music, sometimes old and sometimes new. For some reason my cleaning is just never enough because my room is still a mess at the end of a cleaning spree.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the reason why my room is always such a mess is because I just have too much stuff. I would classify myself as a miniature hoarder. I have a hard time getting rid of things (I even once tired to keep price tags, of all things…). It’s hard. I get connected with inanimate objects and feel that I need to keep them in my mess of a room. I have nearly every paper I’ve ever been given in school since elementary school. I really do. It’s sad…there is no reason to keep papers from when I barely knew how to write other than the fact that it’s occasionally cute to look at. Occasionally.

Do any of the rest of you have this problem?


Maybe it isn’t that much of a problem. I have the ability to revisit moments in my life that others can’t, right? If I delve enough into my stuff, I can find all the information about that one time fabricated Wizard Town (no joke, I really did this). Or that one time when I tried to turn my favorite computer game into a more tangible thing – I tried to recreate my own version onto paper. And I have kept all of this and I have the ability to revisit all of it. And I think that’s pretty cool. Maybe if I didn’t have this weird collection habit, I wouldn’t have that opportunity. Every problem has it’s advantage. You just have to figure out which one it is more of.


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