Where a Few of My Dollars Have Gone

Hello, daily dosers!  Today I have a kind of fun post, one that maybe you can see more so than read.

Recently, I’ve been picking up a lot of interesting and unique pieces at different spaces and places. Some have been given to me as gifts while others I have splurged my own money on. Hopefully you think these clothing items and accessories are as intriguing as I do.

1. It might be a little hard to tell in the picture, but this is a shirt. I think that if I had to categorize myself into a shirt, this is precisely the one I would be. My favorite color is undoubtably blue and, as you can tell, this shirt has a lot of blue. Furthermore, It has a lot of funky designs (something I love) and definitely has a unique shape to it once it’s worn.20150625_123458

2. This was another great find at a thrift store; it’s a crazy bag! I love bags like these, especially this one because it’s a little beat up. I love worn things because you know, or at least hope, that they’ve been loved in the past. This find was also great considering it was 99 cents.20150625_123428

3. I’m going to do these next two items together. The one on the left is a watch while the one on the right is a bengal. For starters, both of these beautiful items were given to me by some lovely people. I’ve been wanting a world watch for a long time, and this one is perfect. (If you didn’t notice, there’s a world on the face of this watch!) The bengal on the right was not specifically asked for, which makes it even better. I love it and the uniqueness it will add to any outfit.


4. This is yet another shirt, but this one I splurged with my own money. Trust me, the picture doesn’t do it justice. It definitely reminds me of something that would be worn in Asia, the pattern and fit is just so cool!20150625_1235455. This next one is probably me second favorite of this post. They’re flats with this amazing design. Look at them! They definitely spark up any and every outfit. One of my best finds for sure.20150625_123348

6. For this next item, one of my lovely friends purchased it for me in Israel. I love having cool and unique rings – you can never have too many!


7. Last but not least, this would have to be my favorite item in the whole post (and maybe ever…) It’s a vintage dress that I got for my birthday! All of the designs on it are beaded (and don’t worry, it’s not too heavy) and it’s just so breathtaking that I like to just hang it up and look at it sometimes. I don’t think there really exists a prettier dress.

20150613_144905 (1)


5 thoughts on “Where a Few of My Dollars Have Gone

  1. Oooh, I love this! You have really great taste and so do the gift-givers in your life. Lucky you!! And thanks for following my blog! I’m just getting started and have a bit of a lazy steak, but maybe one day I’ll get my act together! 🙂


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