A Little Update

Hello, daily dosers! This post is simply going to be about a few updates that have happened recently in my life.

For starters, I had a wonderful birthday with amazing people. It was definitely one of my better days. One of the items I accumulated was a new laptop (which I am using on now) and I’m hoping that it inspires me to do a little extra typing (AKA blogposts, hah).

Furthermore, I’ve been playing a lot of guitar lately, more so in the past few days than today. I love it. One of the best things is getting back into some of the better things in your life. I’ve also done this with knitting, although I don’t think that is quite as exciting. It really is incredible to be able to recreate some of your favorite songs, songs that you hum along to absentmindedly, in the comforts of a guitar in your hand. You should try it some time.

So, what have your guys been up to lately? If you read this post, I would love to just have a little snip it of your life in this moment. And, as always, thanks for reading this. 🙂


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