Encountering the Unencountered

Hello, daily dosers! I hope you all are having an exceptionally amazing day.

Today I want to discuss something that amazes me every time I think about it: the preparation for writing. Although this can certainly apply to other things and areas of work, I think time and experience have an incredible relationship with writing. Sometimes, when I take an overstayed vacation from writing, I feel guilty (like when I don’t post as frequently as I would like on here, hah). However, I think it can often be forgotten that one amazing and underrated preparation for writing is experience.

The only way you can ever really write about how beautiful that sunset was the night of your first date or the way you fell in love with your loved one’s smile because it leans a little more to the left than the right, is through experience. It can be hard to write and truly convey how hot it was in the middle of an overly crowded, unconditioned room in the middle of July if you have never experienced it for yourself. I think that is one of the most incredible things about writing – you prepare for it your whole life.

Not only have you been preparing for it since the beginning of your time, but this idea – experiencing the inexperienced – allows room for less guilt and more excitement. When debating if you should really take a month without visiting writing in the pursuit of an unimaginably exciting opportunity across seas, take the opportunity. Trying new things and new opportunities not only gives you plot and substance for new writings, but it gives you a wider range of perspective.

So, when I’m struggling with the “reality” that maybe I don’t have that much to say at all, I realize that that’s not reality at all; every defeat, unexplored path, undeniable struggle, extreme happiness, and newly finished novel takes me one step closer to writing my story that I’ve been living and waiting my entire life for – and it’s going to be good.


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