Today you wore…

Today’s question (or more so complete the blank) consists of the title above. Today you wore blank. I figured that this question would be a good way to incorporate a little bit more than what’s outside, rather than what’s inside, because that can share a lot about a person, too. So, today, this is my outfit:20150604_120545

It’s surprisingly harder to take a picture of your outfit than you might think!

However, there are only so many things you can gather about an outfit from the picture. Unfortunately, from a picture, you cannot possibly imagine the stories that come behind these items of clothing. The intangible within the tangible.

Let’s start with the shirt. For starters, I purchased it yesterday from a local thrift store. I have been searching, whether actively or not, for a shirt like this for a while. It was $1.99. I am also privileged enough to own a shirt with stories beyond my capability of knowing. I may own it now, but I have not possessed it forever. It’s intriguing to think of what this shirt could have possibly gone through before I took affection to it in my hands.

Next, my pants. I adore these pants. I call them one of the “radicals.” Or, if I’m feeling a bit more fashionable rather than revolutionary, I call them “snazzy.” I love interesting pants with crazy designs. I have to admit, they’re way more crazy than I could ever hope to be.

My bag. I have this way of slowly assimilating my favorite of my mother’s clothes and accessories into my own care. This item happens to be one of the successful escapees. I love this bag, I really do. You can’t tell from the picture, but it’s super soft and large enough to fit an entire meal into a movie theater! The best kind of bag.

Lastly, my shoes. These shoes have had lots of love and lots of worn. I think if they ever break, I’ll buy a new pair. I really will. I think these sandals are the perfect sandals. You can wear them with practically anything and they just have this way about them that makes the outfit look better. I probably wear them more than I should, but that’s okay, right?

So, as you can see, you have a much more intimate connection with what I’m wearing today. Similar to what I have. Isn’t that amazing? Not only did you learn something about what I’m wearing, but you learned something about me. You learned that I tend to gradually claim some of my mother’s clothes as my own, that I occasionally take a stroll to the thrift store, and that I really like crazy looking pants – if I can pull them off. What did you wear today? But, as a better question, what does that say about you?


2 thoughts on “Today you wore…

  1. What a fun post! Your snazzy pants are adorable too! Today I opted out of wearing a shorter dress in favor of a longer one so when I went out with friends I wouldn’t have to worry if I needed to bend over. I guess that made me conservative today!

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