A Little Update

Hello, daily dosers! This post is simply going to be about a few updates that have happened recently in my life. For starters, I had a wonderful birthday with amazing people. It was definitely one of my better days. One of the items I accumulated was a new laptop (which I am using on now) … More A Little Update

Walking My Plant

“Think of yourself as a brand. You need to be remembered. What will they remember you for? What defines you? If you have it in you, do something that defines you. Invent something, develop a unique skill, get noticed for something — it creates a talking point.” -Chris Arnold One thing I’ve been doing recently … More Walking My Plant

My Occupation of Time for the Upcoming Semester

Hey, daily dosers! I apologize for the lack of posts recently – I just had my orientation for college! So, I thought you all might enjoy to know exactly which classes will be consuming my time next year… 1. Introduction to Psychology I am super excited for this class as I love psychology. However, I never really … More My Occupation of Time for the Upcoming Semester

Past June 8ths

Today I want to try something new. This may be more interesting for me than for you, but as today is June 8, 2015, I’m going to revisit some of my past June 8ths. I tend to write down and keep track of everything, I have been doing this since a pretty young age, so … More Past June 8ths

Review: Life of Pi

Overall Rating: 9.6 Sitting here, I hesitate to write a review for this novel. I know there is really no way to convey just how amazing it was. So, if you only read up until this point of the review, know that you must read this book.