My Other Loves

Hello, daily dosers! I suppose this post is going to be a little personal and slightly different as I’m not going to talk about “realizations” or writing. Since this is a blog, I tend to discuss a lot about those two things. However, there is more to me, you, and life than just these things. So, I’m going to make a list and discuss some of “My Other Loves.”

1. Reading

I have done some posts with reading, but I feel like my love for it may be underrepresented in this blog. I absolutely adore reading (almost as much as writing) and all the gifts it’s capable of giving. For more on some perks of reading, check out my post “The Portal to Escape!”

2. Chemistry

Not only do I love English, but I love science – especially chemistry. I can’t really describe my love for it, as it’s not really something I even understand, but it does exist. Maybe I love it for its eloquent way of explaining life and the world around us, or maybe it’s because of its beautiful periodic table…but most likely both.

3. Psychology

Psychology is another science that I love, although I think people are a little more hesitant to classify it as a science. I think I love it because it’s something that comes very naturally to me, I feel like I was born reading about psychology. I am infatuated with learning and understanding the “why” behind people’s behavior. Furthermore, this is actually very close to what I will be majoring in at college (neuroscience) and I can do a post all about my plans for life in the future if people would be interested in that!

4. Drawing

And I say “drawing” versus art in general, but that’s only because I am more experienced in drawing than the other arts. If I was formally introduced into painting or some other form of art, I am sure I would love that too! Drawing is just one of the most relaxing things to do in spare time and a great thing to focus on when you want to get your mind off of something.

5. Guitar/Singing

Although I can’t say I’m the best at either, I do very much love attempting to fabricate my favorite songs with my own instruments. This is also something I have been neglecting lately, sometimes it’s so easy to forget about it when my guitar is tucked away in a corner – I’m sure it’s gathering dust.

6. Nature

I wrote my college admissions essay on precisely this – nature. I find that nature is the one place I can go to really go to appreciate all that life has to offer. Whenever I’m feeling alone and down in sorts, I always turn to nature to give me some peace. It’s really great at that.

7. Music

I suppose this kind of goes with #5, but instead of making my own music, I also love to listen to others’ prowess at it. I’m sure many people can relate to this one. Recently, I’ve really been getting into music that is as close to natural as possible. I love “indie/singer/songwriter” type of music. The closer it is to bare voices with instruments, the more I’m closer to liking it.

8. Travel

This was somewhat mentioned in my very first post, “The Giant Unknown at Our Disposal.” I love the idea of travel and like the act of traveling even more than that, but unfortunately I don’t get to do it as much as I would like to. There are just so many breathtaking places and unique cultures to visit all over the world, and I would love to become accustomed to more of them.

9. Shopping

These last two categories are definitely my guilty pleasures. I love to shop when I’m stressed. After a hard day of school, there is nothing more that I would love than to go to my favorite clothing store and shop to my heart’s desire. However, it doesn’t even need to be clothing. Honestly, I am satisfied shopping for anything – I mean that!

10. Chocolate/Dessert

I am a chocolate fanatic, ask anyone I know. I can down chocolate like no other and probably even bleed it to some extent. Other than my love for chocolate and dessert in general, I’m actually a pretty healthy person…but I do LOVE chocolate.


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