Thank YOU

I would like to take this post to talk about YOU. I know I’m just starting this whole “blogging” thing, but it’s really something I’ve been doing my whole life. I have always kept a journal filled with  my thoughts and experiences, similar to what I post on here, but it’s always been something that only my own eyes have seen. It’s incredible to me that I can post these little speculations and people can actually read and enjoy them. People I don’t even know and maybe never will.

I just want to take this post to thank every one of you, whether I know you or not, because your support means more than you could know. And although there aren’t as many of you as I would someday like to have, there are definitely more than I could have expected. Your encouraging comments are incredible and leave a smile on my face for longer than you would expect. Keep being amazing and thank you all so much!


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