Something New

Hello, daily dosers! Today is going to be a little different. Unlike most of my posts that deal with “realizations” and about life in general, I want to discuss about what’s been going on in my life lately. Maybe you will like this content and maybe you won’t. If you have a strong preference one way or another, let me know!

First off, let me start by formally introducing myself (without a name, so maybe not quite an “introduction”). Anyway, I would describe myself as a small girl with more than likely emptier conversation than you would like, but I have big ideas and even larger dreams. I have a passion for what I love which includes helping others, both in big and small ways, learning, compassion, and of course, the power of the written word.

As of where I am in life right now, let’s just say that accompanying the title of a “senior” in high school comes a lot of big events. In the past few weeks, I have celebrated this title in many ways. I have had a senior cookout, where my friends and I played Monopoly in the center of the turf (classic), I have said goodbye to one of the only teams I’ve ever known, I have experienced that thing called Prom, and, of course, I have attended graduation. That was today. I still cannot believe it. It’s weird to know that everything will change but still believe and hope that it won’t. It’s even stranger that natural feelings can be so contradictory.

I guess this isn’t as much as a discussion about my life as much as I had expected, but maybe I’ll get there someday. I can tell you, however, that a lot of near future posts will be about a similar topic: my emotions coping with the transition between what I’ve always known and something different. Let’s hope it’s a smooth journey.


2 thoughts on “Something New

  1. Congratulations on your graduation today! I hope it was wonderful for you! And your transition will be great – don’t worry! You seem like a very smart person!

    (Sorry to post so much! I really like your blog – it’s very inspirational! Keep it up!)

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    1. This honestly almost brought me to tears – thank you so much! Comment as much as you want (or more…). It means so much that you enjoy my posts. Stay tuned for my post tomorrow similar to something like this…

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