The Portal to Escape

In today’s daily dose, I’m going to discuss the amazing-ness of bookshelves and why I will never stop building mine (I refuse to give into reading my novels of choice electronically, it’s just not the same).

  1. Bookshelves hold so many stories: This one may be obvious, but bookshelves hold more stories than they do in the written word of the books within their shelves. They hold stories of how you adopted it as a member of your very exclusive (or maybe not) bookshelf. Did you see it lying in the bottom of a wastebasket and decided that it was up to you to save its life? Did you eye it for a good month in the window of your favorite bookstore before building up the confidence – and money – to buy it? Not only does the bookshelf hold your stories and the ones within its pages, but it holds the stories of the people before you, if it had been previously owned. If it looks ancient, I can bet it’s got some pretty amazing stories lurking between its pages.
  2. They are eye catching, at least to me. I absolutely adore glancing, and then looking, and then examining the stories within people’s bookshelves – they can reveal so much about a person. I could spend hours pulling out books and examining their covers, especially if they’re in someone else’s home. How cool is it to think you know a book based on its spine, and then pull it out and have its actual cover exceed your expectations? And, I know covers aren’t everything, but they’re not nothing either. Think of them as a first impression.
  3. Bookshelves are full of opportunity: When you first buy a bookshelf, you are slightly disappointed when all of your books (including some of the neighbors’, your best friend’s, a few extra that you decided to buy to help fill the space…) don’t completely take up all the room on your bookshelf. There’s a gaping hole in the bottom shelf to the right! How are you supposed to look like a true bookworm if all of the crevices aren’t filled? However, all these crevices and empty spaces only relay one thing: you have opportunity. Through your travels, whether to a different country or your favorite bookstore, you own the best and most underrated opportunity: to possess more books.
  4. They make you seem sophisticated. Whether you are or not is a different story. But, while someone happens to pass by your bookshelf that you strategically placed in the mudroom where the front door opens into, you can be sophisticated. People are going to look at that and think, “wow, that person must have a lot of wisdom if they can read all of those books.” With wisdom comes sophistication.

All in all, bookshelves are amazing. They possess one of the best ways to escape from a rough day and experience romance if you can’t find it in your own life. Even on your worst days, there always exists a way to escape and that is priceless in a world where communication is everything and everywhere.


2 thoughts on “The Portal to Escape

  1. Good read, I’m not so sure about the last bullet as while many read (and everyone should read!) not all of it makes one sophisticated. Of course it all depends on each persons definition of the word.

    I love the photo you used of your bookshelf, it clearly shows how much you love all your written friends. I might post a photo but unfortunately it’s not all my books as many are in more than one place and home.



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