What are you exploring?

One thing that I really love is having a “daily dose” of something. So, in order to accomplish this desire, there are a few items that I have purchased over the past few years that occur daily. One of these things is a daily quote book of African proverbs over the topic of wisdom. To help you with your little daily dose, here is today’s quote:

“You can never climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pocket.” – African proverb

One of my other items is a 5-year journal that asks a single question per day to be asked every five years (if you don’t have one of these, I highly recommend it). Today’s question is this: what are you exploring?

I think it’s important to note that this question doesn’t have to address just the tangible aspects of life; this question can be answered with a variety of means. This question could certainly be addressed in reference to physical aspects (visiting a new county, traveling into a foreign terrain…), or maybe addressed using the intangible aspects (learning how to sing, how to cope with an unfamiliar topic…), or could even be answered with some aspect of life that others would deem minuscule (trying a new type of jelly or reading a different type of book). It’s intriguing that one seemingly straight-forward question can resolve in so many answers. It has to make you wonder what inconspicuous things you’ve been doing quite the opposite.

My answer to the question? I think I’m exploring the act of exploring. I am trying new things (including blogging) and stepping out of the warmth and comfort of familiarity. So, I have to ask, what are you exploring?


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