Review: A Tree Grows in Brooklynn

Hello, daily dosers! This post is (hopefully) going to be a huge excitement to fellow bookworms. I have always desired to share my love of books and writings in general with others who can recognize with it. So, here I am! This post will be a book review over one of my favorites, A Tree Grows in Brooklynn, written by Betty Smith.

Overall rating: 8.75

As a young adult undergoing vast amounts of changes more quickly than I would like, A Tree Grows in Brooklynn could never be more perfect. At large, this novel is about growing up. Although maybe not over an under-recognized topic, it surely is written in an exceptional manor. I found myself absolutely loving to read this novel; it was my second life for quite some time – second lives inside of novels are definitely the best kind. I was entranced, and still am, by how invested I was in the characters. I truly felt as if I was the one facing an undisputed poverty and death of the person I loved more than anyone else. I not only watched the Nolan family grow up, but I grew alongside them. This novel opened my eyes to the inconspicuous changes that occur whilst growing up and the heartbreaking yet beautiful nature of it. There exists a conversation in this novel between Francie, the protagonist of the story, and her father that I think, no matter how old I get, I will always love and admire. Although the process of adolescence has a finite existence, truly growing up never really ceases; therefore, no matter how many extra years you have than you would like to, the true substance and emotions of this novel never really change. Truly an amazing story about an infinite and amazing topic.

Similar writings: The Glass CastleTo Kill a Mockingbird, East of Eden


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